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Dragon's Den Sales

Hello and welcome to my sales post!

First off, the rules:

• I was granted sales permission on February 28, 2016 by areica96.
• My feedback is located here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dragonkid20/
• I ship from New Jersey, USA. I am willing to ship internationally but please understand that shipping will be more expensive.
• I reuse packaging materials whenever possible! If you prefer that I don't, please let me know, in which case I will include cost of packaging in the total.
• For the most part, I am now able to ship items only once a week, usually on Tuesday mornings.
• Item prices listed are in USD and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
• I only accept payment via PayPal.
• The first person to inquire about an item gets dibs on the item. If there is no affirmative reply made within 24 hours of inquiry or the item is passed on, the next person interested in the item gets the opportunity to buy it. Otherwise, I will give you a total and expect payment to be made within 24 hours.
• I do accept haggling but please be reasonable with your offers! I do try to price my items fairly based on rarity and condition, but if you feel that an item is priced too high or something, please talk to me! :) I want to be as fair as possible to both of us.
• I do accept trades! To see what Pokemon I'm interested in, check out the photos of my collection in my journal. You can also check out my (somewhat outdated) wants list here: http://dragonkid20.livejournal.com/660.html
• I am definitely willing to do holds and payment plans, as long as they're reasonable! If you require either, talk to me and we can work something out, for sure.
• I will ship once full payment for the order is received.
• If you decide that you don't want a particular item after I've given you a total, that's fine! Just let me know ASAP so I don't keep the next person hanging and I can get you a new total. As a hard rule, however, if no payment is made within 24 hours, the item will be available to the next interested person.
• All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
• I am not responsible for packages once they have been shipped out. If this is a concern for you, please consider buying package insurance. Tracking is usually included. If not, ask and I can include tracking costs in the total.
• By purchasing items from me, you are indicating that you agree to the conditions of these policies.

Last Updated: 6/8/17


Charizard: $5
Dragonite: $8 (4 available)
Nidoking: $3.50
Treecko: $4.25
Torchic: $4.25
Mudkip: $4.25
Squirtle: $3.75
Lapras: $5
Charmeleon: $5
Mewtwo: $3

Latios Choco Ball Figure - new: $4
This what it looks like: http://pokevault.com/image/cache/data/product-image/Figures13/PokemonChocoEggXYZFigureLatiosFront-500x500.jpg


DX Kids
Lucario: $5
Giratina: $5


Reshiram Pokemon Center strap - brand new: $9


Xerneas and Yveltal card deck box: $7

Slowking: $12
Charmander: $16

2004 TOMY Poseable Figures
Venusaur: $12
Blastoise: $16
Groudon: $15 (different than the one listed below)
Blaziken: $17

Victini Pokemon Center Kuji Reflector keychain - brand new condition: $8 (I have two available. The other one is in the next picture)


More Kuji Reflector keychains
Victini: $8
Reshiram: $9.50
Pikachu: $8.50

Dialga 10th Anniversary Pedestal Strap/Keychain MIP: $15
Lugia pan sticker: $2

Reshiram PC drawstring bag: $6
Arecus tin: $5
Pikachu and friends notebook: $6

Clear straps
Zekrom: $7
Latios: $14
Latias: $15

Palkia TOMY battle pose figure: $7
Ivysaur TRU Figure: $6

TCG Coins
Treecko: $3
Shieldon: $2

Unused Pokemon notepad featuring Swords of Justice and Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus: $2.50

Other two pictures show back of notepad, and what a blank page inside looks like

Chupas MIP
Mewtwo: $7
Zekrom: $7

Mewtwo 7/11 Figure (Super Rare!): $40
Zekrom Jakks Deluxe Figure: $10

Jirachi TOMY keychain (used): $8

Grovyle TOMY MIP: $6

Lugia figure: $4
Ash-Greninja Figure: $6

Arcanine old TOMY figure: $6
Pikachu TOMY keychain MIP: $8
Jirachi TOMY keychain MIP: $12

Pokemon Mascot XY T-ARTS Movie Keychains NIB
Diancie: $6
Pikachu: $7
Delphox: $6
Chestnaught: $5

Same keychain set as above but just new in plastic packaging (box not included)
Diancie: $5
Pikachu: $6
Delphox: $5
Chestnaught: $4

Unknown Cobalion thing (idk what to call it, really): $2

TOMY Poseable Figures
Cobalion: $9
Groudon: $19


Palkia keychain figure: $5

Palkia clear straps MIP: $3.50 each
Palkia T-ARTS figure (basically in brand new condition): $9

Close-up of clear strap on left:

Close-up of clear strap on right:


Top row: (from left to right)
DX Kid Figure: $4
Clipping figure 1 (Series 6, 2 available): $6 each
Clipping figure 2 (Series 1, 2 available): $6.50 each
2008 TOMY figure (newer pose, 2 available): $7 each

Bottom row: (from left to right)
Blue base figure: $4
Unknown figure: $3
2007 Japanese figure (1 available): $6 each

Giratina Origin Forme figure: $4
Salamence bath in-case figure: $12
All Palkia stuff: $5 each

Groudon Wind-Up figure: $4
Kyogre Wind-Up figure: $5

Ho-Oh Pearly Banpresto Keychain: $12
Lapras Charm MIP: $2.50
Treecko card: $1
Meditite card: $1

Skarmory Pencil Top figure: $5.50
Kyogre mini figure: $2


Moncolle Plus figure: $6
Clipping figure BW 1 MIP: $7
Clipping figure BW 2: $5 (MIP $7)
TOMY: $4
Jakks figure: $5
TOMY Overdrive figure MIP: $10
Chupa: $5

Banpresto DX Large Vinyl Figure: $10


Chupa: $8
Keshipoke: $6

Poseable figure: $10
T-ARTS keychain: $7
Bottom row figures: $5 each

Clipping figure: $7
Keshipoke: $4
FCS figure: $3

Sitting figure: $5
Unknown figure: $1

Chupa: $7
Medium-size TOMY figure: $7

Small figure: $5
Poseable figure: $9

Mega Mewtwo Y mini figure: $2
Mini figure: $4
Zukan without base: $4
Chupa MIP: $7
Regular TOMY: $2
Poseable TOMY 2005: $14

TOMY battle pose figure: $18
TOMY Poseable figure 2005: $13

Hasbro figures
Marshtomp: $2
Swampert: $3

Grovyle: $2
Sceptile: $3

2011 TOMY Campaign Figures MIP - Super Rare!!
Metallic Reshiram: $40
Clear, glittery Victini: $40

Grovyle: $4
Sceptile: $3
Mega Sceptile: $5

Bandai keychains MIP
Blastoise: $5
Venusaur: $5
Articuno: $6
Zapdos: $6
Moltres: $6

Shaymin Sky Forme: $5
Giratina Origin Forme: $7
Darkrai: $6
Arceus: $6
Pichu: $4.50
Mew: $6.50


Ho-oh: $5 (clear one $8)
Arceus: $5 (clear one $8)
Pichu: $3 (clear one $4)
Raikou: $6 (clear one $8)
Entei: $7 (clear one $9)

More clear straps

Lugia: $7
Suicune: $8
Palkia: $5
Dialga: $7

More straps, all MIP
Pikachu: $4
Lickilicky: $3
Darkrai: $5
Drifblim: $4
Giratina (top): $8
Giratina (bottom): $7

Keychains: $4.50 each except Magikarp ($3)
SOLD: Ludicolo

Yveltal clear strap: $5

Hand Towels
Arceus: $6
Primal Kyogre: $5
Chesnaught, Delphox, Greninja: $4
Xerneas: $4

Pokemon Black and White game boxes (no cartridge): $1 each or free with purchase

Zekrom & Reshiram movie pan sticker: $3
Everything else $0.25 each

Thanks for looking!
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